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Shine Bright For The Holidays

Holiday Heroes provides personalized and unique designs to light up your business for the holidays. Whether you are a store front, an office, a restaurant or a hotel, Holiday Heroes is here to make your space stand out.

Energy Efficient Premium Grade Christmas Lights

Our Christmas lights are professional grade LEDs, which are brighter and more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Our LED bulbs are made to last for 50,000 hours compared to the 1,000 of traditional bulbs, and are 80% more energy efficient.

Christmas Light Removal & Storage

After the holidays are over, we will safely remove your Christmas lights and store them at no additional cost.

Once it is time to get festive again next year, we will bring your lights out of storage, and put them back up to once again shine bright for the holidays!

We have the proper equipment to ensure your Christmas light installation is completed safely

We are fully insured with $2 million of liability coverage and WCB coverage, giving you peace of mind

Our Christmas Eve Guarantee: We will replace any faulty bulbs up until Christmas eve to ensure your house shines bright for the holiday!


Holiday Heroes offers businesses a complementary design consultation, available both in person and online, to get your holiday season started!